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loading game from usb H/Drive

I have been playing a game from 2006 thats 6 years, i have it installed on my c drive but have installed it on a usb drive 400g in size (not the pen drives), now it runs on both drives but dose take just a small time longer to load from the portable drive.
I was wondering once loaded would there be any differance in speed.
Why do i ask, well the game is not a fast running game, more planning/table top game but on the portable drive when loaded has a better save optshion data base.
Is there any differance to running programs from usb drive against your main c drive.
any coments or tips on game running helpfull
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Hard to say without knowing the architecture of the game. If the game fully loads into resident memory when you start it, then it will run just as fast regardless of which drive you load it from and will only be slower on start up and saving. If the game does a lot of swapping in and out of memory while it's running, then it will be slower running from the USB drive than the internal drive because the hard drive has to be accessed regularly.
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