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Is this true

A friend said to me that there is a disc that you can buy that will hold a full down load (back up of computer), i asked was it a blue ray disc, he said no.
Is there such a disc?

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Sure, if the size of the disc is smaller than the size of the hard drive you're backing up. That's pretty rare though unless you're running a computer with hard drives in it from 1990 that just happens to have a modern DVD burner in it.

He may have been telling you about a disc that sets up an internet connection and allows all of your computer to be stored offsite. Run away. Run far away. Once your information hits the ether, there's no telling who could get their hands on it.

Buy yourself another drive and install it in your computer, and use local utilities to back up one to the other. That way nobody outside of your box has access to your information as long as you protect your box with a firewall to prevent intruders from snooping you.
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you can create a boot disk and use a cloaning program such as norton ghost to backup your whole computer, This is what I use to backup my systems
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