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How to connect my PC to my wireless router Internet connection?

Hi, recently I have purchased a dell computer and Router Support device, I want to connect to the Internet on Windows-7 64bit in Home Network. How can I connect my PC to the wireless connection?
Please help me.

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there may be an automated process on an install cd in the box.
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"Router Support device" doesn't tell us much. If it's a DSL router, you'll need to order DSL service from your local phone company. It will need to be plugged into a phone jack using an included filter between the wall and the router. Check the manual on the router to make sure what IP range it's set at. It should default to the 192.168.x.x range and default to your DHCP server.

There will be a RJ45 connector on the router as well as one on the back of the computer. These will need to be connected together using a supplied cable with the router. Most of the time these routers will ship with two cables. One straight through, and one cross over. It depends on the device as to which one you'll need, so if the straight through doesn't work, swap it out for the cross over. Once you get the right cable connected, you should have an extra light on the router turn on.

Use the Windows control panel to create your network. Establish a Home Network and make sure that it sets up on the same network range as the router. It should default to the same range. That range is pretty much default for all equipment. Once you've defined the network, the router and the PC will start talking to each other immediately.

Once you get all that done, you should have internet access every time you turn your machine on.

If it's not a DSL router, just a switch or regular analog modem, then ignore everything I just wrote and post back with your specific equipment and we'll help you further.
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