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This one is good

I may be sad and may be blue but can't help loving you.
That has nothing to do with the next re view.
It's a game i have been playing from 2006, now that is sad.
You have a table top model of a railway, first you put in the table size, not to big or your computer will slow down after filling it up, say about 5 x 25.
That will give you a very long table, you will not get that in the spare room.
Then start laying tracks, i use the first strait short track on the list, just lay it on the table and connect the next piece to it, do this about 10 times, close the track menu, highlight all the track by double clicking, it will light up red, then copy and past plus join to gether and make one long track.
Pick a power point from track menu and place on the track, go to train menu and pick an engine couches wagons.
Start playing.
There is loads more to do with the game, points, turntables, stations, houses ect.
After some time you can download add ons, and also pain your wagons, that was a good film.
To find the down load google Brainbombers RuleTheRail.
Still can't do links sorry.
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really good.
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Sounds like the HO model trains with towns and people and stations and track switches that I used to build around the Christmas tree every year when I was a kid. About 40+ years ago. Sigh. I miss the old days when we could actually do things hands on without a mouse and a compter screen. We didn't get to build it every day, but when we did, it was special. I guess I'm still old school, although I have a pretty serious computer background going back to the mid 80's.

When I was a child, I couldn't wait to be grown up. Now that I'm grown up, I wish I was still a child.
With the speed of technology advancement today, anybody who says "it can't be done" is usually interrupted by somebody who is already doing it.
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