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02-21-2003, 11:26 PM
No profanity, obscene, vulgar, threatening, bashing, fighting or otherwise unacceptable behavior. Violators are subject to having posting abilities revoked.

No posting of urls to any sites that sell merchanside, or that have advertisements on the website that sell merchandise. Information websites are acceptable provided they do not sell merchandise on their website.

No publicly trading files. Do not publicly ask or offer to trade files or link to files directly. Confine trading to private means such as email or private message.

Respect the Admins/Mods. The Administrators and Moderators on this site are here to help you and help keep the site running smoothly. Public or email abuse of admins will not be tolerated. Please email any problems to the web master. Violators are subject to loss of posting privileges. Also please do not email programming questions to the admins. Use the discussion forum for this.